Events and guided tours

We don't have daily tours at technikum29 computer museum, but instead a lively timetable full of specialized events tailored for the registered audience. We invite anybody to register by writing an email to This also applies to international publicum. Currently we can offer guided tours only in German language.

Next to the typical guided tour, we have built up a broad curriculum on educational courses and workshops for children, "research"-like school projects, artistic music projects and art projects. We also host public evening talks for general purpose outreach.

The following information is merely a copy of our calender of tours and events for the German-speaking audience. We can hardly translate the frequent changes and it is probably also of little interest for non-German speaking visitors.

You can also access machine-translated versions of the dates, ie. the Google translation "Events" or the Bing translation "Events".

Termine, Führungen und Events

Hinweis in eigener Sache: Bitte sehen Sie von Anfragen ab, da wir durch den Verlust von Heribert Müller derzeit keine Termine anbieten können.