Since the sudden death of the founder and maintainer Heribert Müller, the technikum29 computer museum is still in an interim phase. It is currently maintained by a group of volunteers, which are presented on this page. This doesn't display the full picture, since the big network of friends and supporters is not (yet) listed.

Sven Köppel

Sven Köppel (born 1989) is one of the three children of the museum founder Heribert Müller. He is contributing to the museum since more then 15 years. The focus of his work was the interfacing of legacy paper based storage media (paper tapes and punch cards) to the contemporary computer world. This was the foundation of exchanging program codes over the internet and to effectively allow collaborators to write (contribute) codes from remote. Furthermore, Sven was active in all kind of organizational topics, such as the museum outreach and paedagocical topics. Personally, he was living for half a decade in Frankfurt am Main, where he obtained a physics degree in 2019. In his research, he got an expert in high enery physics and computational physics. Since some time, he is living with his daughter and wife in the north of Germany (city of Münster/Westfalia; close to Hamburg).