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4<h2>The Data directory</h2>
6<p>The data directory contain dozens of paper tape files. These
7   files are just ordinary binary files which content is exactly
8   the same which is punched on a 8-bit paper tape.
10<h3>udo NCR files</h3>
11<p>All files with the prefix "udo-" are machine code for the
12   NCR computer (see somewhere at
13   They are written with some other selfmade Microsoft Excel
14   tools.
15<br>(C) Copyright 2008 Udo Meyer
17<h3>eingelesene NCR-Programme</h3>
19<p>This directory contains several program paper tapes for the
20   NCR computer which were read in with the paper tape
21   userspace reader (see directory ../reader/). I don't know
22   exactly who has written them, but copyright of course belongs
23   to these persons.
25<p>You can ask the development team at
26   development@[our domain] if you want to use these files.
28<p>--Sven, 19.07.2008 22:18
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