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Current development is now focussed at /puncher/frontend.gtk.c.

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2The Paper Tape Project - Paper Tape Fonts
5By punching special bit patterns on paper tapes, you can "print" out
6text on paper tapes. The result can be used in a wide variety of ways,
7for example for labeling things, as unique souvenir or simply to
8label mass produced paper tapes.
10Like ordinary computer fonts (e.g. True Type Fonts), there are also
11many different possibilities to "paint" letters and digits on paper
12tapes. We have implemented a couple of fonts as perl programs. They
13are called quite like
15   $ ./ "Text we want to print out" > paper-tape.bin
17Thus, they usually print out the generated bit patterns to stdout.
18Mass punching and labeling is therefore quite simple:
20   $ ./ "File ABC on `date`" | cat - file.bin | ./punch
22To simplify this process, various punching frontens already use
23the font generation programs internally.
25By the way, the german word "schrift" means "font".
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