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Sep 4, 2008, 5:50:25 AM (11 years ago)

Since some time I wanted to develop some C routines for papertape handling.
These routines (just written, they compile fine, but not tested at all)
implement a complete own ASCII file scheme (very simple) and a nice C
interface, with some nice object like structures and a alphanumeralically
sorted single linked list in the background. No dependencies like Glib. Code
should compile on Windows, too (Yeah, I've even emulated an own getopts()
because stupid Windows has no getopts).

Handling PaperTape Font files is quite performant, by using the utility
program (as you can get by defining STANDALONE, e.g. with $ gcc ...
-DSTANDALONE=1) you can even edit the font file online or with external
binary editors, like the new GtkPaperTape (with Gtkmm in C++!) is supposed to

Espacially very simple translation between existing font tools is possible,
as a side effect:

$ ./ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz123456789 | ./ctool -i font

-- Sven @ workstation dual screen 19" in la celeste

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