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Habe die schlimmsten Übertreibungen herausgenommen.
Wir sind beileibe nicht das einzige Computermuseum mit funktionsfähigen Geräten.
Jetzt müsste man den Text noch etwas schleifen: Zu viele Sätze beginnen mit "We"....

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    5050        <tr>
    5151                <td>Mo, <b>26. Juni</b><br>15:00 Uhr
    52                 <td>Computer-Dinosaurier
     52                <td>Computer-Dinosaurier<br>und mehr....
    5353                <td>Interaktive Führung
    5454                <td>Rossertschule <br>
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    1919                   during the guided tours. Visitors
    2020                   get a completely different impression of the circumstances of
    21                    that time. Most likely, this is unique worldwide.
     21                   that time.
    2222               <li>We concentrate on the first devices which were called "computers",
    23                    i.e. a time span of roughly 1880 until 1970. We do not cover
     23                   i.e. a time span of roughly 1927 until 1972. We do not cover
    2424                   personal computers (late 1970s and beyond) at all. On principle,
    2525                   almost all of our machines are big and bulky, they can be opened
    26                    and one can watch the machine do computational steps. From our
    27                    best knowledge, we are the only living computer museum covering
    28                    this early period of rising electric computing.
     26                   and one can watch the machine do computational steps.
    2927           </ul>
    3028          </div>
    3634                    these machines in the past. We recognize the knowledge and
    3735                    work together to restore the machines.
    38                 <li>Our most pleasant target group are young kids, school classes
     36                <li>Our most pleasant target group are kids, school classes
    3937                    and students.
    4038                    We organize workshops to build and program both old and new
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