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    6363                <p class="bildtext"><b>UNIVAC 9300</b> electronic data processing system, uncovered while being restored</p>
    6464        </div>
     67        <b id="cards">UNIVAC 9200 Software</b><br>
     68<p>Often it is sheer luck that helps saving unique artifacts from scrap. In this
     69case a curious student at the Goethe University discovered strange objects in a
     70building and informed us. It turned out that these devices were a <a href="/en/computer/punchcard.shtm#u1710">UNIVAC 1710</a>
     72card puncher and a cabinet full of punched cards containings programs for our
     73UNIVAC 9200. The punch cards, about 65000 pieces, contain programs which were
     74developed between 1967 and 1975 at the institute of mathematics and applied
     75computer science. We will surely revive some of these old programs on our
     76UNIVAC system. <br>
     77 The rescue action was actively supported by the University of Frankfurt and
     78the "FITG" (Frankfurt) whon we would like to thank for their efforts.</p>
     79        <div class="box center auto-bildbreite">
     80<img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/univac/lochkarten.jpg" alt="65.000 punch cards" width="700" height="174" />
     81                <p class="bildtext">24 boxes containing more than 65000 punch cards extend our software library</div>
     83<p>NB: One punch card can hold up to 80 characters - that makes about 80 bytes
     84per card. Thus 65000 cards correspond to about 5 MB which is roughly the same
     85amount of data that a modern digital camera produces for a single picture.
     86Stored on punch cards 5 MB weigh about 160 kg while the cabinet housing the
     87cards has a volume of about 0.5 m³ (about 500 liters of volume).</p>
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