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    8     <h2>UNIVAC 9200, UNIVAC 9300</h2>
     8    <h2>UNIVAC 9300 - the first</h2>
    1010        <p>The Univac 9200 (Univac 9300) is a punch card computing data center from 1966. It is
    2828                <div class="box center auto-bildbreite">
    29                         <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/univac9300.jpg" alt="UNIVAC 9300" width="700" height="375" />
     29                        <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/u9300-1.jpg" alt="UNIVAC 9300" width="850" height="440" />
    3030                        <p class="bildtext">
    3131                                <b>UNIVAC 9300</b> electronic data processing system, with its components (left
    7171amount of data that a modern digital camera produces for a single picture.
    7272Stored on punch cards 5 MB weigh about 160 kg while the cabinet housing the
    73 cards has a volume of about 0.5 cubic meters (about 500 liters of volume).</p>
     73cards has a volume of about 0.5 cubic meters (about 500 liters of volume).</p><br><br>
     76<h2 id="u9200"><b>UNIVAC 9200</b> - the second</h2>
    77         <h3 id="blog">Restoration Blog</h3>     
     78<div class="box center auto-bildbreite">
     79                <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/u9200-1.jpg" alt="UNIVAC 9200 mainframe" width="850" height="404" />
     80                <p class="bildtext">The new Univac 9200</p>
     81        </div>
     83<p>It is nearly unbelievable: Since September 2015 we have a second UNIVAC 9200
     84in the museum! It is sheer luck when such a precious old machine survives so
     85many years (1967 to 2015) without any major damage at all. This particular
     86machine was stored under near ideal conditions in the cellar of a
     87municipality before it found its way to our museum where it will be restored
     88to running condition again. Fortunately, the machine was professionally
     89decommissioned so all necessary cables are still there and intact - this is
     90true luck since often cables just get cut during decommissioning of large
     93The machine is different in some respects to our other machine of the same
     94type: The bar-printer is slower (we expect a higher quality of print outs due
     95to that fact), the memory is fully expanded to 32 kB as compared to 8 kB of
     96the other machine, and the punch unit is a rare "Read-Punch". This device is
     97capable of reading pre-punched cards and punching results onto the very same
     100The machine will be restored in the near future.</p>
     102<p class="small">We would like to thank the municipality of Rheine and in particular Mr. M.
     103Lange, who donated the machine to the museum.</small>
     106        <h3 id="blog">Restoration Blog (the first UNIVAC)</h3> 
    78107        <p><b>17.01.2010:</b> There were some mice in the power supply and printer; they
    79108           bit thorugh some small cables.
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    2020           <ul class="news-feed news-ng">
     22        <li><a href="/en/computer/univac9200.php#u9200">
     23        <h3>September 2015</h3><br>
     24    <img src="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/u9200-1.jpg" width="153" height="73" /><br><br>
     25        A little sensation:<br>
     26        The second UNIVAC 9200 in the technikum29!
    2231        <li><a class="popup" href="/shared/photos/rechnertechnik/lgp-30.jpg">
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