The Punched Paper Project website has moved.

This website is from 2008 and the information is most likely quite outdated. Please see the technikum29 Labs for the new website. You might also want to check the technikum29 Computer Museum main website.
-- Sven, July 2013

Contents of puncher/README.txt

 The Paper Tape Project -- Punching subsystem
 The punching subsystem consists of platform independent frontend programs and
 platform dependent backend library calls.

 The frontends
 There are currently two frontends:
 * gtk-frontend.c: This one uses the GtkPaperTape GTK widget to display the
   paper tape file which is currently punched. Additionaly it displays widgets
   to control the punching cycle.

     * Nicer GUI
     * Open/Close Paper Tape Files
     * Statistical details
     * Generate zero bytes at front/end of files
     * Generate paper tape label
     * Generate label-only paper tape files

 * A simple interactive CLI Perl frontend to punch a paper tape
   file with a label which the user types in on STDIN.

 The backends
 There is already an existing ppdev driver for Linux. It is planned to program a driver
 with the same facilities for Microsoft Windows NT (Windows 2000/XP). 

 * puncher.[platform].c: The file which implements punching routines.

 The backends have not been programmed yet.

 --Sven, 19.07.08 16:44