The Punched Paper Project website has moved.

This website is from 2008 and the information is most likely quite outdated. Please see the technikum29 Labs for the new website. You might also want to check the technikum29 Computer Museum main website.
-- Sven, July 2013

Contents of reader/README.txt

   The Paper Tape Project -- User space paper tape reader

   This ppdev userspace driver drives the GHIELMETTI FER 201. Most
   things from the puncher driver also apply here, especially the
   setoff-strobe program which stops the reader from running all
   the time.

   Usage of reader[.c]:

     $ ./reader > read-in-file.bin

   The program is not really completed, thus it won't correctly
   detect the end of the paper tape, but it stops automatically
   some time after the paper tape run out. You should use your
   favourite binary file editor to beautify the read in file
   a bit, alternatively you can use the strip-null-bytes program
   from the perl-tools directory to strip the file:

     $ ./reader | ../perl-tools/strip-null-bytes > read-in.bin

   See reader.c for more information and copyright information.

   Sven, 19.07.2008