The Punched Paper Project website has moved.

This website is from 2008 and the information is most likely quite outdated. Please see the technikum29 Labs for the new website. You might also want to check the technikum29 Computer Museum main website.
-- Sven, July 2013

The Paper Tape Project -- The Visualisation Web frontend project

This is a web frontend to the visualisation subproject. It uses PHP and Ajax and is capable to render files up to several Megabytes (afterwards the generated graphic files get very, very huge). Like all the visualisation programs, it is highly configurable (every detail you can change at the LOCHSTREIFEN object can be changed in the HTML form). Thus the HTML form is quite complex, but very friendly to DAUs (a german expression for "PEBKAC") due to the ability to fold the huge form. It should be running stable but hasn't really been tested so far. Thanks to caching every generated image it should even stand very much rendering requests.



Work is shared between two files:

Sven Köppel, 19.07.2008 19:30