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     1= The Paper Tape Project Next Generation =
     2The goal of this project is to review the codes written in the [[PaperTapeProject]] and port them to AVR ATMega bases microcontrollers for enabling a common RS232 serial interface to all devices.
     4This has serveral advantages:
     5  * All device driver logic is seperated from computers, today's operating systems and all problems that arise with them (Vendor lockin, Real Time behaviour, Driver permissions)
     6  * Much cleaner development setup (one development device instead of half a dozen computers equipped with different driver and OS versions)
     7  * Much cleaner usage setup (just one RS232 cable or USB adapter to e.g. a notebook instead of a proprietary cable, special PCI hardware and a huge computer station setup)
     9The [[PunchCardProject]] has shown the usefulness of well written protocols. This will be done in this project, too. See e.g. the [[|PC Documation M200 μC Serial Communication Protocol]].
     11This project handles the connectivity to at least two classic devices:
     13  * The FACIT tape puncher
     14  * The Ghilmetti tape reader
     16It was started in late Nov 2012.
     18This project is the first project driven in the new technikum29 infrastructure and probabily will use a git repository or will live in the ''projects'' svn repository.
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